The Birds' Song Book for Children


Robin and his friends Blackbird and Thrush are wondering why the foreign birds are not visiting and think that something is afoot.  Are other birds stopping them at the borders?  

The Birds' Song is a tongue in cheek parody about the crisis of refugees/immigration around the world in a language that children can understand. 

It is a story in a song in a book.

Aimed at children aged from 5 -7 years old and covering themes of diversity and culture. 

Written by Tom McFarland
with music by Fil Campbell
beautifully illustrated by Colum McEvoy 
The 16 page A4 sized book includes sheet music

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Tom says, "When the idea for this song first came to me I was thinking about all the people migrating across the Mediterranean Sea and what would drive them to take such desperate action. At the same time someone said to me “There don’t seem to be as many migrating birds coming as there used to be”.

I got to thinking what a very different world it would be if the birds were stopped from coming to our shores. What if all the local birds got together to stop them coming!

We only have one planet for all of us to share. We don’t really own any of it, it’s just on loan to protect and feed us and keep us alive.

As the chorus says “We all have different feathers and sing a different song but when we sing together the differences are gone”.

Maybe some day we’ll all sing together and realise we are not so different - we’ve just forgotten how similar we are" 


Listen to The Birds' Song here

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Tom McFarland is a musician/percussionist/singer and songwriter based in Rostrevor, Co. Down and originally from Belfast.   Read more about him here.


Colum McEvoy from Rostrevor in Co Down,  studied at the Belfast College of Art before moving to Dublin and working as a gallery artist with the Hackett Gallery. Specialising for most of his career in watercolours until his more recent foray into oils, Colum has collaborated with several songwriters, and performers, including Colum Sands and Marie McStay, on books of songs and books of local historical content. His work is represented in private and public collections throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and America.

Colum says: "Since I was a kid I have had a love of birds. I vividly remember once, having witnessed a flock of crows in an evening sky, I asked my father where they were coming from.

He replied “They are returning home from work”.

That fuelled my young imagination and, like the birds in Tom’s thought- provoking song, they became little people for me with everyday concerns. How wonderful it is for me to return to those innocent days and, once again, view the world with that child’s uncluttered imagination"

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