Good news - a date for the diary and other updates

After deleting several blogs I sort of followed at one time, the spam problem went away and Hurrah I can see your blogs again.  Just in case, I've changed my password and am slowly working my way through all my password protected things - how did we end up with so many passwords!

So on to the good news ...

For the first time in 15 months I received an email during the week asking if we can still do our concert in October!   In Glenfarg Folk Club in Fife.  Woooohhhooooooo - I was expecting yet another, "sorry, but we're going to postpone again".   



All of a sudden there's a bit of focus and I'm beyond delighted.   

We've no indications yet of how group singing will work indoors, so planning for choirs is still up in the air - very frustrating for someone who is used to planning well ahead - so I'm contenting myself for another month or so to leave that side of things alone.   This not working lark is very contagious - I could do it forever lol.   

* * * * * * 

In one of my very rare cleaning spurts I came across some old envelopes. 


  This was how we used to copyright our new songs.   Put them on cassette, write out the lyrics, then post it to yourself and don't open it - the postmark confirmed the date.   


This one is Dreaming, one of the first songs I wrote - during one of our first trips to Germany when we were based for 6 weeks out in a tiny village in the country with limited German language knowledge and  "You eat someone" and "What you think about a whiskey!" the limits of our host's English.   I got very homesick, thankfully the only time that has happened to me and this song came out in actual dreams.  We still sing the song in our set - probably the only one we do that reflects the idiocy of life here in NI and I was surprised to find an extra verse in it that I'd forgotten about.   not sure why it wasn't included at the time but maybe I'll relearn it now.

With life being a bit lopsided it's lovely to be moving in to summer mode - the garden AND sport on the tele.   Brilliant.   We're good armchair sports coaches in this house!  Andy coped well at Wimbledon, Lewis is struggling a bit in the Grand Prix and I'm looking forward to seeing the Women's Formula One, Rory needs a good talking to in the golf and who knows what we have to look forward to once the Olympics start.  Of course there's always cricket if we get really fed up -  that's still a mystery to me much to the frustration of my Australian friends.  Football is the only no-no. 

I hope you're all well and enjoying little bits of freedom - the joy of having coffee or lunch with friends is fabulous - things still aren't open in the south yet so we can't take my mum out much but that'll come soon, fingers crossed.  




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