Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland

Songs to make you sing and get you thinking

“A great mix of songs, with the expert percussion skills of Tom perfectly complimenting Fil’s exquisite vocals.” Falkirk Folk Club 

Fil and Tom have become known for their original songs with a quirky look at life.  
A night at one of their concerts will send you home with a smile on your face,  having sung your heart out for the evening and laughed at the ridiculous stories they pick up along the road, while their sensitive take on life going on around us at the moment will send you home thinking.

Shoreline, their 9th studio album released in 2023 is a collection of mostly self-penned, quirky songs, from both Fil and Tom, reflecting the times we live in and the place they’re from. 

The Birds Song from the Together album has been illustrated by Colum McEvoy and turned into a beautiful 16pp hi quality book for children.

Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland from Belleek in Co. Fermanagh, have been performing as a duo since the early 90s.   The combination of two vocals, guitar and percussion, and a mix of topical original songs and well chosen contemporary and traditional songs with lots of choruses plus the Irish gift of chat and craic, has brought them around the world many times.  

With 9 studio CDs to date, a TV series and accompanying DVD and several project recordings, their repertoire is varied and eclectic. 

Fil , originally from Belleek, has been gigging regularly since she was a teenager and together with Tom who hails from Belfast and who has worked with artists as varied as David Knopfler and John Wright, they have performed all over Europe, Ireland, the USA, Australia and UK, at festivals and folk clubs, on radio and TV.

At their home studio they provide video editing and audio recording facilities for tv and for acoustic and spoken word recordings.  

Folk Songs #nofilter

Music & live video

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Press / Reviews

“Well, they say nothing's perfect, but your gig at Bacca Pipes on Friday came pretty close. Thank you both for a wonderful evening's music. And what a great club it is for audience response. Looking forward to the new CD, and especially to seeing you at the Topic.” ” - Tony Charnock, Topic Folk Club, Bradford
“Tom’s superbly judged and sensitively understated percussion and vocal... a perfect foil to Fil's glorious singing” ” - David Kidman

— Living Tradition