A walk around and about today


Hello friends, it's been a while.   
Life has been picking up again and there are so many excuses for not keeping up with blogging and social media-ing (is that a word yet?).  And Autumn has been so lovely.   There's not been too much wind yet to scatter the leaves and the colours have been spectacular.   
Along the beach it's been calm and gradually turning to brown.  


Here in NI  all adults have been given a £100 voucher to spend locally to help the local economy after all the lockdowns.  What a treat!  And we've been encouraged to think of it that way ... as a treat.   And yesterday  I finally spent a bit of it - just on some lovely locally made scents for the house, but it felt like being a child again.   You remember the times when you had £1 or £5 to spend and you took forever choosing exactly what to spend it on?  Well it was like that - and everyone is the same.   While many will be glad of the extra cash for winter fuel or extra foodstuffs, those of us who are a bit luckier have been thinking about shoes, or something for the garden, or money towards a new piece of furniture or a new coat or .....  And lots of places are offering extra if you spend it in their shop.   



So what would you spend a treat of £100 on?  Not online,  not on alcohol or gambling - they're the only exclusions.  Lucky us.   



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